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Everybody loves an Auction!

We Auction Anything and Everything You Want To Sell!

We are your complete ONE-STOP auction company.  Great Southern "Professional Grade Auctioneers."  We can setup your COMPLETE auction.  We keep things simple.  We will walk you through the complete auction process, step by step.  Call today for a FREE consultation, by appointment only (910) 326-4117.  The following is a list of auction services we provide:


  • We will provide a complete inventory of ALL items to be auctioned

  • Provide "FLYERS" advertising a list of ALL items to be auctioned

  • Post selected items on the INTERNET of items to be auctioned

  • We handle ALL advertising for your auction.  (Flyers, Newspaper, the Internet, etc.)

  • ON AUCTION DAY...we have a 'Field Auction Trailer' with registration clerks

  • We will register bidders

  • We will CALL the auction

  • We will collect all monies

  • We will handle distribution of funds after the auction


Call (910) 326-4117 For A FREE Consultation

By Appointment Only!


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